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TEFL / TESOL Certificate Program


With over ten years of experience, training students and teachers from all around the world, ISSO in agreement with Ilac have established themselves in the market, as leaders in teaching English as a foreign language and Teacher Certification Programs (TEFL/TESOL) in Colombia.

TEFL/TESOL is the best recognized International Qualification for English teachers under the American Standards. Gain insight into your teaching style and develop strengths which will enable you to develop all of the potential you have in teaching English, with new methodologies to expand your ability to teach English as a second Language.

Benefits of taking our program


The TEFL/TESOL International certificate will open doors to English teaching positions throughout the world.


Whether you are completely new to teaching or are already a teacher and wish to learn more about TEFL/TESOL methods, this certificate course is designed to be of practical use to you in the EFL classroom.


The TEFL course will equip you with the necessary tools to teach all ages, all levels and all nationalities. You will have the skills and feel prepared to teach when you arrive for your first day of work.


TEFL/TESOL International certification is one of the best investments for anyone who wishes to expand their own horizons.


People who take our course seem to have a high success rate in interviews. Most participants find jobs shortly after completion. Once you finish the course you should be able to converse in an informed way about most issues relating to TEFL/TESOL.


We welcome applications from people whose first language is not English. Non native speakers should possess a high standard of both written and spoken English.

For more details visit our FAQ´s section or click here.

If you are Colombian, with this certificate, you will be able to apply to any English-teaching position. The opportunities vary enormously from country to country. Greece is the biggest TEFL-teaching market in the world. In Germany, Italy or Portugal, finding work is generally easy. Teachers prefer to first gain some valuable experience by teaching in Eastern Europe or Asia for 6-12 months before trying to break into the EU market – Prague is a favorite starting location. Once you have one or two decent references on your CV/resume, many other doors will open up.

The On-line TEFL/TESOL Training: 100 hour TESOL/TEFL course entirely online.

– Colombian and foreigners USD $315.

Program Details

Our TEFL/TESOL International certificate program is 100-academic hours in 8 modules which are interactive, efficient and a fun way to learn how to teach English as a foreign language.
This course takes you through the key areas of teaching English. Our aim with this course is to help you feel confident in the classroom and succeed in your TEFL/TESOL career.
It is the most widely recognized international qualification for English teachers. Gain insight into your teaching style and develop strengths that will allow you to develop all of the potential you have in teaching English.

• Hands-on TEFL/TESOL teaching practice.
• How to teach all language skills.
• Develop understanding of English grammar and vocabulary.
• TEFL/TESOL games and activities.
• Fundamentals on lessons planning.
• Latest TEFL/TESOL methodologies.
• Lesson observation and personal feedback on your work.
• Access to highly qualified TEFL/TESOL tutors.
• Common European Framework
• Inside career advice and much more…

Job Placement Service

As an integral part of our services, ISSO has a language center providing adults, private and corporate clients. Our company also offers consulting services to local schools in their bilingual programs. If there are teaching vacancies open within our company, the job will first be offered to those trainees that have successfully completed our training course.

There are numerous educational institutions around the country that have within their academic program, English as the foreign language. Bogotá has over sixty English language centers, including universities. Cali and Medellin have more than 30 centers including universities. There are bilingual high schools (English – Spanish) in every city in the country. In a workshop held by a local chapter of TESOL, almost 1500 teachers attended. Many universities are making it compulsory for their graduating students to pass the TOEFL exam to graduate. There aren’t enough qualified local English language teachers in the market today.

Due to all of the reasons mentioned above, the need for qualified teachers has become an opportunity for many teachers from abroad. Colombian labor law allows an institution to have up to 30% of their workforce from abroad. There are exceptions for some bi-cultural institutions that can have a 100% of their workforce from abroad. This law allows jobs to be offered to people that want to come to Colombia to be certified and to work in the local job market.

ISSO – International Student Services Org. has been offering job placement services to the teachers that have successfully finished our TEFL teacher training program in Colombia. So far we have been very successful in placing 90% of our participants from Colombia and abroad in the last year. We assist them in the visa process by giving them advice on their contract, the institution, salary paid and what is mandatory by law to their contracts. The majority of the institutions look for at least a one-year contract. We can estimate to place 90% or more of the successful participants of the TEFL training in Colombia’s job market. Many of the trainees are being offered a job as they are taking the course.

The Job Placement Process is the following:

• Orientation – City and Country
• Review of CV – Re-write it
• ISSO – we look for openings within our center to offer job to trainees
• Teachers are given a list of institutions where they can apply
• Assessment of work visa and process
• Review of contract offered
• Ongoing support

We will also provide advice to search jobs internationally.

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