TEFL/TESOL Course Reviews

I was evaluating several  options to get a certificate as an English teacher  under international standards. I decided  to participate in the teacher training program offered by  ISSO along with ILAC Canada. During the certification program I received valuable and practical information to make classes  enjoyable and productive  for students,  before completing the course I was able to put into practice many of the skills learned and check the benefits of taking this certification with the progress of  my students

Another important aspect was the flexibility in scheduling since most of the participants were working in schools or language centers and to some it was difficult to participate in a conventional day and the course gave me  the opportunity to study in a different schedule to my day labor.
-- Annie Emanuele

I decided to take the course due to my travel plans to study in South Korea. When I was in Korea last year I decided to come back and stay longer but to do so I  had to look for a job and the best option was to teach English and be certified to do so.

I was researching institutions that offer face to face  TEFL in Cali and ISSO’s  program was the one that  meet my expectations  because it is  an international certification, It was the best decision to enroll in the program and when I  got  to Korea I was able to work immediately and apply all I learned. I’m 100% sure that my work as a teacher and the investment on my teacher training program, I recommend it to anyone who wants to teach and have a high level of English.
--Charely Dorado 

I came from  Canada for family reasons , I decided to stay one year in Cali, being almost Native Canadian I was given the opportunity to teach but  had some  limitations, I searched and  confirm that the fastest way to get training as a teacher of English was to take the TEFL  certification and the best option I found was the training program for teachers at  ISSO. The classes were very interesting and could acquire the skills on how to address grammatical issues in an entertaining way for my students and manage to understand and learn this issue which for some is  boring. During the time I was teaching in Colombia my students progressed and this was very important and  to confirm the results of the training, now  I'm back in Canada and continue teaching.
--Carlos González

 The advantages of a certified teacher are many including the ability to know the different methods of teaching and getting students to learn under the standards of the Common European framework of reference for languages ​​adopted in many countries.

Achieved a level where my classes are fun and students maintain interest and progress. I learned key techniques for children, teenagers and  adults that  can progress and learn within a structured program.

With the International certificate obtained at  ISSO I received job offers as a teacher where they recognize the advantage of certification on other options.
--Mónica Henao

Angelica Jacome

My experience with ISSO has been excellent. What I've learned in 3 months I can put it into practice for the rest of my life working as a teacher. I have improved a lot as a teacher and received training to help me walk the path to a future that I was looking for. The  Individual attention is provided from the teacher  for a better learning environment. I recommend it 100%.

--Angélica Jácome

For me the TEFL course has expanded my horizons. The discovery that a single system or methodology is not everything. That people learn not only at their pace but at their own manner and the instructor must discover different modes and adjust or adapt to them. Each class, every level, every subject and every person is different. The course also gave me guidelines to discover the mood of each student and helps us to adapt to it. As we can present each topic and how we can make even the driest, complicated and thorny issues in pleasant and enjoyable. As for grammar, reinforced some issues and found others who had ignored or not seen from another prospective. It also introduced me to a community I did not know, since my experience was limited to one institute up to then.



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