Learn Spanish in Colombia

Learn Spanish in Colombia, the easy way.

Pre-Aply NOW - Click HereColombian Spanish Accent is recognized worldwide as the clearest to understand, this is one of most important reasons to decide to come to our country to learn Spanish the easy way.

Due to Colombians’ friendly personality you will have many opportunities to practice what you learned at the same you explore our culture.

Benefits of taking our program:

  • We offer you a structured Spanish course. Qualified and experienced teachers, using text and materials specially designed will guide you in the process of learning the language.

  • Introduction to expressions and phrases. The alphabet, present tense verbs, adjectives, articles. Dialogues in different contexts: At the office, at the airport, exchanging money, making a hotel reservation, answering personal questions, greetings, meeting people, etc...

  • Around-The-Clock Classroom - Learning extends beyond the class hours because you are surrounded by the classroom. You will constantly be reading, speaking, and listening to the foreign language whether eating a meal, shopping or asking for directions.

  • Better Value than Home-Country based public and private institutions - Many immersion programs (especially those in Latin America) cost the same or less than home-based classes even after paying for airfare, lodging and meals... and they are both faster and more enjoyable!!

  • Increasingly Required By Employers - Many advanced degree programs and employers require foreign language and cultural exposure or international experience.

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High School Costos

SPANISH ONE TO ONE PROGRAM: This is the most popular Spanish course among our students and the best option to improve really fast based on your needs...

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Requisitos para High School

Our Spanish course in Colombia has three modules of 4 levels each, and each level with 25 hours. In which the student progresses from a basic level...

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testimonial spanish classesTESTIMONIAL

I moved to Cali with my family and decided to start a business. But the lack of the language made it difficult I decided to take Spanish classes...

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Tefl/Tesol in ColombiaABOUT COLOMBIA

Come visit Colombia and explore our rich mixture of people, landscapes, food and culture. One of the risks is falling in love and wanting to stay!

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